World’s Most Advanced Countries in Medical Treatment

Definitely the scientific and technological progress in the present world is most intensely experienced in the health industry more than any other endeavors of modern man. In the past 100 years or so we have seen the eradication of many of the greatest epidemic diseases and in regard to gross development of health care we have observed tremendous progress and in this progress and advancement of health care some of the world’s most advanced countries in medical treatment had tremendous role to play. Medically most advanced countries of Europe, America and the developed world spearheaded the progress in health care in many dimensions, like medicines, diagnostic equipments, medical technologies, medical researches and breakthrough in various biological facts about organic functions and diseases. Here we would present some of the world’s most advanced countries in medical treatment.

United States
With gigantic medical establishments from the east coast to the west and with most advanced medical research and treatment in almost all medical disciplines this country definitely deserves to be considered in the no 1 position among the world’s most advanced countries in medical treatment. Two reasons that United States is considered as most advanced are their huge research apparatus comprising some of the world’s finest medical institutions and great concentrations of state of the art as well as specialized health care establishments all over the country. Presently John Hopkins Hospitals, Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Care Center, Cleveland Clinic and many health care establishments with same and comparable status are considered all over the world as the greatest place for modern medical research and treatment for several diseases and health care disciplines. Actually in the past fifty years United States with its health care institutions of highest reputation produced the greatest number of medical research breakthroughs that in many ways made the modern health care gallop forward. One crucial fact about the ranking of the health care in different countries in relation to United States is that United States is not considered for the no 1 spot for gross health care service and the country is most revered for its gigantic research outputs.

Great Britain
Great Britain is having a health care system that is accessible to the population free of cost. In regard to the reach of health care and quality health care service to the common mass few countries can be compared with Great Britain. Along with all encompassing social access of treatment and medicines this country is also considered to have some of the best medical research centers involved in most relevant clinical researches in many medical disciplines. In regard to patient satisfaction regarding the treatment and medical process Great Britain ranks top among the world’s most advanced countries in medical treatment.

France unlike United States has a health care system that is funded mainly by government and in respect of government spending on health care France ranks among the top countries in the world. With more than 11% government expenditure on health care which third highest in the world and with astounding rate of life expectancy that amounts to 81.5 years on average is undoubtedly one of the world’s most advanced countries in medical treatment.

Though research and development is the most crucial parameter in determining the world’s most advanced countries in medical treatment, other parameters like reach of health care to a greater population, coverage of medical insurance, customer satisfaction, cost of health care, life expectancy, etc are equally important and in all these grounds United States is continually lagging behind.

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