Online Medical Coding Schools and Programs

Online Medical coding schools train students to convert medical symptoms or diagnosis, drugs and procedures into codes. Medical coders submit their work to insurance companies for the purpose of payment, billing, research, data collection and quality improvement. They are the major determining factors in the financial success of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Medical coders must possess greater expertise in identifying relevant diagnoses for patients. This is essential for ensuring the greater insurance reimbursements to the physicians. After completing medical coding program, students can seek a certification process. The certification for specialized medical coders is offered by American Health Information Management Association and the American Academy of professional Coders.

The demand for certified medical coders is very high in healthcare industry. If the circumstances are not favorable for enrolling in a regular medical coding training program, you can attend classes and training through online medical coding schools. There are lots of benefits for online training, which include you can study when and where you required, can achieve your goals without compromising your present job, can complete training within 6 months, fee is very low and that too can be paid as installments.

US Career Institute
This is one of the most recognized online medical coding schools. If you want to start a new career as a medical coding specialist, US Career Institute teaches you everything regarding this through online. The training includes medical terminology, medical coding procedures, HIPAA guidelines, human anatomy and professional claim information. You will also get learning materials and lots of bonus items as a part of your training program.

Lessons of Pack 1 of the institute include health care, medical insurance 101, introduction to medical terminology (word parts), combining and dividing medical terms, abbreviations, special terms and symbols and documenting medical records. As a bonus, students will get CD, quick learn system, pocket folder, tutor and flash cards.

The subjects coming under pack 2 are medical ethics, introduction to anatomy, landmarks and divisions of anatomy, pathology, cell and tissue anatomy and diagnostic coding 101. The bonus items provided along with this pack are professional development supplement (Part 1), human anatomy reference card, and anatomy and physiology text books.

In Pack 3, students need to study lessons such as ICD-9-CM coding manual introduction, ICD-10-CM coding manual introduction, ICD-9-CM coding from infections to blood diseases, ICD-9-CM coding from mental disorders to circulation system, ICD-9-CM coding from respiratory system to pregnancy complications, ICD-9-CM coding from skin to conditions of perinatal period, ICD-9-CM coding from symptoms to complications, E codes, V codes and ICD-9-CM coding practicum. Students will get professional development (part 2), coder’s comprehensive glossary and ergonomic supplement as bonus items.

Pack 4 lessons of medical coding course offered by US Career Institute include the technology of healthcare, CPT coding 101, CPT coding from integumentary system to urinary system, CTP coding from reproductive system to operating microscope, comprehensive surgery coding and CPT coding from radiology to anesthesia. Students will also get bonus items such as professional development supplement (Part 3) and computer buyers’ and users’ guide as a part of this course.

As a part of Pack 5, students need to study lessons such as integrating ICD-9-CM and CPT coding practicum, CPT coding evaluation and management services, comprehensive CPT evaluation and management, coding resources, HCPCS coding and pulling it all together (final practicum). The bonus items offered for students are career starter kit, HIPAA supplement, guide to electronic coding and electronic coding software demonstration CD.

Rasmussen College
The college offers Diploma in medical Coding and this program is devoted for allied healthcare professionals who need special training to become a specialist in medical coding. During the course, students learn to assign codes to diagnose, record codes in patients’ file and match up diseases and codes. Topics come under this course are medical terminology, medical insurance and billing, ICD-9-Coding, anatomy, communication and career development, etc.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster Career School offers Medical Coding and Billing training program to the students. After the training, students will be able to manage health records and claims, adhering to insurance forms, working with insurance companies, assisting healthcare teams, etc. The coursework include medical ethics, physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, reimbursement methodology, etc. Graduates are eligible for attending Certified Professional Coder and Certified Coding Specialist examinations. Medical Coding and Billing Certificate program teaches students to use correct methods for keeping the records of patients, managing claims and billing, using medical codes, etc. The classes include insurance form preparation, medical coding 1, confidentiality of health information, etc.

Some of the other schools that offer medical coding training degree or certification are listed below:

  • Kaplan University,
  • Colorado Technical University,
  • American International University,
  • Herzing College,
  • University of Phoenix,
  • Virginia College Online,
  • Westwood College,
  • Everest College Online,
  • Dakota State University,
  • North Dakota State College of Science,
  • Santa Barbara City College,
  • Fortis College,
  • Allen School,
  • Trident Tech,
  • St. Petersburg College,
  • Career Step,
  • College of Lake County, etc.

Some of them are online medical coding schools, while the others offer campus training to the students. Before selecting a medical coding school, you should consider your academic and professional goals, resources of schools, its accreditation, and the possibilities of appearing certification examinations. Mostly, medical coding schools are vocational institutions and they provide training in a number of other careers as well. The curriculum of medical coding schools include human anatomy, diseases processes, pathology, medical terminology, physiology, healthcare laws and ethics, ICD-9-coding ICD-10-coding, diagnostic coding, CTP coding, comprehensive surgery coding, HCPCS coding, etc. An experienced and highly efficient medical coder can earn around $40,000 annually.

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