9 Hot Female Doctors in Movies and on TV

Admit it, you love beauties with brains, of course, a great bod is a given. Hollywood loves to portray spicy sirens with specs and hair in a bun or cut smartly pouring over books, mulling a problem, looking hot in a doctor’s coat and jeans. Yes, hot female doctors carry a special allure for the male audience. Let’s take a look at these ladies combining sweet smiles, a deadly aim, secret knowledge that can save the world, and the allure that is only given to a select few.

margo miller

1. Dr Margo Green – Beautiful Penelope Ann Miller has been showered with so many adjectives praising her beauty. Her grace and oomph are a throwback to an earlier era of Greta Garbo. And as Dr Margo Green in the film The Relic she exuded suppressed sensuality. No wonder the Kothoga creature followed her bent on action.

2. Dr Lynn Denlon – Bahar Soomekh is as pretty as her first name which means spring season in Persian. And as Lynn Denlon in the horror flick Saw III, she puts in a commendable performance looking vulnerably sexy as the depressed doctor forced to operate on the maniacal Jigsaw. Just too bad, that the rigged shotgun shells have to kill her.

constance petersen

3. Dr Constance Petersen – This doctor’s role was played by one of the most beautiful and beloved screen goddesses of all time – Ingrid Bergman. The film was the Hitchcock classic Spellbound. And her role as the psychoanalyst won her solid reviews and a lot of praise. You have to be special to turn your back on a psycho killer pointing a gun at you and Dr Petersen did that so slickly in the movie. The kind of babe millions wish to take on a date.


martha livingston

4. Dr Martha Livingston – Jane Fonda, the ageless beauty with that sexy bod and beautiful hair, plays the doctor in the film Agnes of God. She’s hot, portraying the cigarette-smoking Dr Martha. And she more than holds off her own against the beautiful mature Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly who plays Sister Agnes. You have to see the film to appreciate Ms Fonda’s performance and the appeal she oozes.

5. Dr Christine Chapel and Dr Carol Marcus – Two of the most beautiful-looking doctors ever to grace a film. Majel Barrett, who played Dr Chapel, was oh so pretty and who did she love… Spock of pointy ears fame! Although, the character did manage to fall in love with some lucky dude in different Star Trek films. Barrett was Gene Roddenberry’s wife, the guy who got lucky in real life. Dr. Carol Marcus was a genius masquerading as a hot bod. She invented the Genesis Device and was mother to the son of James Kirk.

6. Dr. Pamela Isley – This babe, the bane of Batman and Robin, is not only hot but deadly poisonous once she gets transformed into Poison Ivy. Uma Thurman plays the role of this deadly doctor in the film Batman and Robin with panache and a lot of sex appeal. This hottie can get anyone weak-kneed without her pheromone dust and with this magic powder, she is oh so irresistible.

7. Dr. Allison Reed – It can be a challenge to appear sexy when you’re asked to play clumsy but if you’re Julianne Moore, you’ll be a heart stopper doing anything you want to. Yes, the lady with lustrous red hair and the sex appeal of ten sirens in one woman does wonderfully well as Dr Reed in the film Evolution. Lucky David Duchovny!

8. Dr Angie Hubbard – Who wouldn’t love sweet Angie of limpid eyes, shiny wide smile, and dimpled cheeks. Debbi Morgan who played the character in All My Children, the day-time soap opera that ran from 1970 to 2011, remains a memorable and desirable colored character – a doctor in love and faced with situations that so many of us would like to help her with.

9. Dr Kelsey Harrison – Kaitlin Hopkins can look you in the eyes and make your heart melt. She epitomized the desirable female with her portrayal of Dr Harrison in the TV series Another World in the 90s. And she didn’t have to go out of her way to do so. She just had to be herself!

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