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In the science fiction rpg H3: Heaven, Hell and Hegemony, humans live on dozens of worlds ruled by the Economic Hegemony of Authorities—a loose collection of nations and planets tied by a common economy. While experimenting with hyperspace travel, scientists opened gateways into two other universes that might be Heaven and Hell. The inhabitants of these universes are at war, and both angels and devils wanted humanity to join their side against the other. While many citizens wanted to join Heaven, the secular Hegemony government chose neutrality. Angels and devils weren’t too happy with that choice, but after a brief three-way war, all sides signed the Treaty of Pavonis Station that agreed the Hegemony–and by extension all humans–shall remain neutral. This didn’t end the war–it just drove it underground. A cold war exists between Heaven and Hell as both sides try to co-opt humanity for its own ends. When angels and devils enter the universe of man, they look just like any human. This allows them to infiltrate our societies and work on convincing local governments to secede from the Hegemony and join in the war. Angels, devils and their human allies are widespread in the Hegemony, and it’s your job to root them out. Players take roles as enforcers: a cross between police and military who investigate cases of heavenly or hellish influence. Your job is to enforce the Treaty and keep the Hegemony neutral. During a case, you’ll have to investigate crime scenes, interview suspects, fight religious sympathizers, and eventually put an end to the heavenly or hellish meddling. This could mean arresting or even executing angels and devils. Are you up for it? The game features some innovative aspects. All characters will be rated in their belief in the three sides: Heaven, Hell and Hegemony. You also pick specific paths within each side such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, and these act as character classes by giving you special powers; advance up the ranks in Christianity and you’ll get the power to force people to tell the truth or bring fire down from the sky on your enemies. (That’s right–real world religions will be your character classes. Do you think that will bug some people?) Experience is based on choices, not killing ‘monsters’. If you choose to help Heaven during a case, then your Heaven rating will increase. Characters have ratings in the three sides but so do the various societies that make up the Hegemony. These ratings represent the collective beliefs of the people; a society with a high Hellish rating is leaning towards seceding from the Hegemony and joining Hell. During the game, you’ll have the opportunity change these ratings and push a society towards the side of your choosing–you truly affect the game world in this rpg. H3 will have several play styles, including one where you and your fellow enforcers are all secretly religious; while working on cases for the secular Hegemony, you work to push a society into secession. Another play style is more like PARANOIA; all players have their own paths and agendas, and while you’re supposed to work together on a case, you secretly work against each other. H3 will also feature a dice pool mechanic that allows you to manage risk–increase the risk of massive failure to get massive success. More on this later. This entry was posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2007 at 4:03 pm and is filed under Studio Chatter, General Chatter. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Incidents that Made Medical Insurance universally popular

Before we go into describing the incidents that made medical insurance universally popular we would take a closer look at the basic concept of insurance and medical insurance and also how do they work. Insurance is a matter of covering the financial cost of a risk. But medical insurance or health insurance differs a lot [...]

9 Hot Female Doctors in Movies and on TV

Admit it, you love beauties with brains, of course, a great bod is a given. Hollywood loves to portray spicy sirens with specs and hair in a bun or cut smartly pouring over books, mulling a problem, looking hot in a doctors coat and jeans. Yes, hot female doctors carry a special allure for the [...]

All About Online Medical Coding Career

There is a huge shortfall of medical or health care professionals in every practicing discipline of medical profession. This shortfall corresponds to the growth in health care industry and demands of the profession in respect of quality professional service. The same situation persists with the profession of medical coding. Today’s medical coding profession demands more [...]

Online Medical Coding Schools and Programs

Online Medical coding schools train students to convert medical symptoms or diagnosis, drugs and procedures into codes. Medical coders submit their work to insurance companies for the purpose of payment, billing, research, data collection and quality improvement. They are the major determining factors in the financial success of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Medical coders [...]

Online Medical Coding Schools

Online medical coding schools are aimed at educating specialists in medical facilities and hospitals by using their knowledge of anatomy as well as medical terminology to ensure that insurance claims are properly coded and filed in the best way possible.  However, such online medical coding schools might be a handful which has prompted other professionals [...]

How to employ and exploit medical billing as a business activity?

With proliferation of technology, thousand of students every year take admission into medical billing courses and many of them decides instead of getting into any medical billing jobs to take up medical billing business as their career opportunity. Though with perspective of online billing as a business opportunity there are many courses about which an [...]

Career Outlook for Medical Coding Specialist

The career path for Medical coding includes having expertise in reading and reviewing medical documents as provided by physicians and doctors for assessing detailed information about a disease, injuries, surgical operations and other procedures. This information by coding experts on the basis of universally recognized coding system is translated into numeric codes that are further [...]

Online Medical Coding Schools

Training with the field of medical coding places one in the team of health information technicians. Hereby you are majorly involved in maintaining professional relationship between different careers and fields especially between hospitals and insurance programs or physicians, hospitals and patients. The career of medical coding has over time proved to be very effective since [...]